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Ignite Awareness, Transform Your Life:
3 Simple Steps to Flip Fear into an Empowering Energy

Whether you’re looking to grow personally or professionally, sprinkling an affirmation here and a vision board there and listening to another audio book is not enough to design the life you deeply desire. You must step into your truth and implement from this space only.

To make the impact you desire in your world and to step out and play bigger, you must ignite awareness around your negative, unconscious programming and success ceilings. Then inspire transformation of your beliefs, thoughts and actions to continue evolving.

To raise your level of fulfillment and shift your external world, it all starts in your mind. When we want a new circumstance or situation or “thing” in our lives, we must ignite awareness on our thoughts and emotions which leads to the beliefs we’ve built our current reality upon.

The gift of examining your limiting beliefs affords you the awesome opportunity to pause and reflect long enough to question whether your thoughts are true. Beliefs are a compilation of life-long thoughts and experiences, subconsciously built upon one another to create who and where you are today. Understanding how these beliefs define you and the identity you’ve created from them is paramount for shifting your mindset leading to greater fulfillment and abundance.

Amy will share with you the 3 most powerful steps you can take to flip your fear into a truth for who you are today.

You don’t need to be fixed, get permission, get organized, get perfect or get more certifications to step into your zone of genius and let your brilliance shine NOW. Women who want to break open their stories are the Headliners that want to evolve and get anything they want.
Being happy is a byproduct; not the goal to strive for in life. The hallmark to experiencing your highest level of fulfillment in all areas of life is the ability to step back and listen to the voice in your head, question who’s talking and get curious about where these thoughts came from. Headliners are driven to positively impact the world. They are devoted to shedding what isn’t working and passionate about designing a life that allows them to live in their fullest potential.

Women who continue to create success after success transform their mindset and continuously evolve. They exude grace, ease and joy in the five main areas of life. It’s simple to live in your authentic power when inner alignment creates the outer reality you desire. It’s even quicker and easier when you have a partner in dissolving your negative and limiting beliefs. Amy is your conduit to help you release self-sabotaging beliefs and fears to uncover the awesome truth about yourself. Begin to design the life you really want TODAY!


  • How to implement practices and create habits for personal and professional mindset growth.
  • How to begin releasing fears and negative unconscious beliefs, radically shifting you on both a cellular and matieral level.
  • How to inspire transformation that cultivates a playground for rewriting the rules for how you do life and transform the blocks holding you back.
  • How to evolve together so you can infuse collaboration with abundance and take actions that get your desired results.

Rock Your Mind, Design Your Life:
Mind Blowing Strategies to Reclaim Your Power

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Add EVOLVING TOGETHER as an Add-On to any of Amy’s Programs

The only two real fears we hold are the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. All the rest are learned. Research confirms that when people are taught to mindfully embrace their fear, they hold the power to make their fears extinct.

We’ve created an experiential activity with real time digging to flush out some of your audiences most prevalent fears. Participants are praising the approach and are excited to play with their fears and learn how to dissolve them.

When combined with either of Amy’s two topics, Evolving Together is an organic, fun, emotional and transformational time together. Our interaction is a great opportunity for exploring the stories participants have unwittingly made up throughout their lives and how they’ve unknowingly become puppets to their negative and limiting thoughts and emotions.

By exploring, releasing and rewriting their stories, we inspire them to think and feel differently. The truth for who they are emerges. Armed with this new truth, they go from being riddled with lack of fulfillment in the 5 main areas of life – Health, Wealth, Career, Relationships and Spirituality – to exploding in their creativity and excitement for playing big.

Contact us today is you are interested in a fun and refreshing interactive tool that challenges your audience and teams to play bigger and get the results they really want. If you would like to reach out, please email [email protected] or call 314.504.6641.

“Women are the Headliners positively influencing the world. By being the change agents ourselves first, we multiply our impact in leadership exponentially.”

– Amy Baue