It’s time to do life by your rules.

For the longest time, I thought my diverse entrepreneurial endeavors were a roadblock. I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t find a title or “box” to fit into. Being passionate about so many things that, on the surface, seemed unrelated caused great angst. The more people asked me for my knowledge and time, I realized my ventures, skills and interests were a perfect combination of strengths. The more I stepped into my own expertise; I realized there was nothing for me I needed to “fit” into. Out with the conventional thinking and in with designing my own life!
From an entrepreneur in the legal field, nutrition and fitness franchise, non-profit marketing, and author of a health guide for women with my share of personal drama and trauma to a live and virtual program for service-based entrepreneurs , I am proof that the struggles and challenges entrepreneurs  face are “overcome-able” when you write your own rules.
I believe we are all expert for where we are at this moment.

You have a unique set of gifts and skills you have honed. This makes you perfectly expert for how you want to make a difference right now. As you continue to step into the future you in 6 months, a year and in the future, you will continue to be divinely expert for each moment. You are passionate about how you want to get your service to the world. I have no magic answer or superhero power and definitely don’t have “all” the answers. My desire is to share my continued growth and learning with other entrepreneurs so they keep going when it gets tough, to share my expertise and knowledge to help them avoid predictable and preventable mistakes in growing their business and to let them borrow my belief in them…just like I have and do borrow other’s belief in me to reach for my big dreams.

I believe getting comfortable being uncomfortable is a necessary mindset.

Fear knocks on my door regularly and some days overwhelm calls. This can throw me off my game just like everyone. I make mistakes, can be abrupt and non-emotional. My commitment is to bring you my lessons and expertise so you don’t give up on you. Playing safe and small does not serve you or the people waiting for you to boldly step into your expertise so THEY can say yes to themselves. Hiding behind lies like, “I can’t do that. No me. Why would I be the one? I don’t know enough. I’m not good enough,” means we will never be able to create the life we want and put action behind our passion.

If you’re still reading this, thank you. I’m glad to have connected with you. I can tell you are a cliff jumper who might be ready to leap. If you’d like to share about you, I would love to learn more. This is an exciting adventure ahead of you! Just click here.

Have a great day!


“I have been working with Amy for only a couple months, but I can already see the benefits working with her as my business consultant. I love coaching, but building a business was something I needed help with. The main issue with me was finding my Niche and she really helped me narrow it down, and now from here, we are taking steps every day toward building my six-figure income!!! Amy is amazing and so much fun to work with, I would recommend her to anyone looking to take your business to the next level!!!”


Professional Bio

Described as “the missing action piece,” Amy Baue knows that mixing fun with focused hustle and proven strategies is the answer to a thriving business! She carved out a niche by helping one-person business owners stand boldly in their expertise and grow a thriving business. She works with them to identify their next steps that catapult them from stuck to soaring.

She has a unique ability not only to educate but to lead entrepreneurs to leap off the cliff, take inspired action to consistently implement and to borrow her belief when inevitable challenges arise. Entrepreneurs hire Amy for her straight forward and easy-to-implement business strategies, they trust her because she helps them soar as the headliners they are meant to be and they love her because she infuses her passion into everything she does to see them be Rock Star amazing. Amy loves rock concerts, motorcycles and muscle cars. When in doubt, bring her an Oreo ice cream cake!

More about me:


I love muscle cars, motorcycles and rock concerts. I am honored that entrepreneurs trust me to co-design a plan with to deliver their services so they make a difference in the lives of the people they work with.

I’m a life-long entrepreneur, mentor and recovering left-brainer re-learning each day to trust the process of life rather than control the details. If you’re curious about how I got to this amazing gig and what I do, check out my about page.

Background scoop: Born in Minnesota, raised in Iowa, I’m a Midwesterner with a bio-coastal message. I get lost in researching and reading subjects I’m passionate about, I dabble in writing, sell the best live and virtual program for entrepreneurs to break 6 figures, speaking and delivering presentations energize me – and, ironically, I re-energize in true introvert fashion.