Hi, I’m Amy.

I’m a Transformational Speaker and Mindset Consultant. I am the founder of the virtual community, Rock Your Mind, Design Your Life, offering a fun and refreshing platform that the new wave of women – just like you – choose as their springboard to get what they really want out of life.

My work and virtual community is your link devoted to resources, tools, collaboration and experts in the field of personal transformation to help you dissolve fears and old stories. My purpose is to help you connect with your truth to align your inner world with your external reality.

Hey Headliner,

CURIOUS WHAT MIGHT BE IN STORE FOR YOU if you started living from your fullest potential NOW?

Our work opens women up EMOTIONALLY and CREATIVELY.

Negative beliefs and subconscious programming are holding you back from the life you desire.

It’s the same reason every program (including the UNOPENED ones) trainings, hundreds of self-help books, new job, different partner or new car aren’t giving you the fulfillment and abundance you want.

It’s the same reason you’re not SOARING in your brilliance.

Let’s uncover what’s stopping you from creating an outer reality that matches your inner vision of you.

I was talking with Amy today and going over the amazing changes that have happened in just 30 days of starting to work one-on-one with her, plus joining the Rock Your Mind, Design Your Life community. I own a fitness business have been amazed at what can happen when you change the way you think. When I’m focused on what I have, my language changes when talking to people. IT’S SO MUCH EASIER TO GET BUSINESS. They are the ones asking me how they can sign up.

-Jessica White, CEO & Founder, Enact Wellness


This Is Not An Impossible Dream.

What’s keeping you from getting that “Thing” you know you were born to achieve?

What’s keeping you from the highest level of fulfillment in the 5 main areas of life: relationships, career, wealth, health and spirituality?

We evolve together so the fun, intuitive, authentic and abundant part of you shines in your zone of genius.

You already have everything you need, Rock Star, so let’s

Ignite Awareness, Inspire Transformation and Evolve Together!